Facebook for Real Estate (FB4RE)


The online training program that teaches you everything you need to know about Facebook to sell more homes.

Get INSTANT access for $197.

3 modules on online training, private group access, optional bi-weekly webinars.

Does this Sound Familiar?

You struggle with deciding what to post.

Hardly anyone is liking or commenting on your posts.

You don't have a social media strategy.

You've never sold a house from Facebook (and if you have, you probably couldn't easily replicate that sale).

As soon as you figure out what works on Facebook, they change the algorithm!

You've started to boost some posts and they might be getting a bit more engagement, but STILL no one is calling you up from Facebook and asking you to sell their house. 

You're starting to wonder if this social media business is all just a big waste of time (and money).

You've debated hiring a consultant or an agency to do social media for you, but you're nervous that it won't produce results (and OMG it's expensive!)


But What if You Could...

✔️Know the EXACT strategies the industries top agents are using to grow their business online in 2018.

✔️Know WHAT to post and WHEN to post it

✔️Get MORE REPEAT AND REFERRAL business by providing your clients with the insight they crave

✔️Run ads that actually help you SELL MORE HOMES

✔️Increase your listing conversions

✔️Have a social media strategy that works for your unique business

✔️Get hands on support with your social media needs

✔️Know about Facebook changes BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION 

✔️Have a framework in place that allows you to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS


Introducing FB4RE

Get instant access to 3 training modules, a private Facebook group for ongoing support plus optional bi-weekly webinars to keep you up to date with all things Facebook for real estate. 

No set start date! Learn at your own pace.



For 3 months of access

FB4RE Online Course

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All Course Materials (including templates, worksheets and swipe files)


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